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“I’ve tried so many other weight loss programs and they didn’t work. I decided to try Liza’s and I haven’t turned back since.”

– Crisann Bailey

“Liza is absolute best. Her meal plans, her assistant coaches and her workouts.”

– Brianna Ottati

“If I have any questions or concerns they always respond within the perfect time frame. I recommend Liza Marie Fit 10/10!”

– Chrisandra Morales

“The check ins are great bc you feel like someone is holding you accountable. 10/10 recommend Liza and her team!”

– Yary Rojas

“Tonight I was lucky to meet up with these two sweethearts who are also on the program! We live in the same city, and have been exchanging messages for two months now and got to finally meet in person for dinner! I highly urge you to find others who are part of the program in your city to help with accountability and to chat about this journey.”

“Liza is an incredible coach and human being! She transmits her kindness through her coaching! She is always available for you, to accommodate your likes and dislikes, and her coaching is truly one of a kind! I joined January of this year and my relationship with food is constantly getting better! The recipes are so delicious I never have those cravings because I don’t feel like I’m neglecting any food group. I have my salty and sweet snacks WHILE LOSING WEIGHT! I can’t wait to see what the future holds but I know with Liza’s help I’ll be sure to reach my goals and more. Thanks Liza!”

– Katherine Alfonso

“Liza is absolutely amazing! She is so caring and kind and really does want to be there for any client of hers! Her system is great and it is so nice knowing I can contact her anytime and she always had the right answers. 10000/10 recommend!”

– Katie Wyatt

“I’ve been using Liza’s program since January and I can say it has 1000% been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself! I’d always start a program at the beginning of the year and fall off by the end of January or February for whatever reason. Liza’s program holds me accountable but I also feel so immensely supported by Liza and Coach Katie through every up and down I have with my workouts or meals etc. To be able to have my food and workouts set every week has made this a habit for me, and to see Liza’s journey, I’m always inspired to keep going even on my hardest days. I’m just over 10 pounds down but I’ve gained so much more through this process and I’m so excited to continue!!”

– Katie Duvernay

“I signed up for 6months for Lizas program and I immediately realized what a different experience this is set up to be. The amount of accountability, the freedom in your food choices, the accessibility for support and guidance, is worth every single penny. In those 6 months I was able to lost 35lbs. you already know I extended for one more year. I want to keep my momentum, and focus. And I know with Lizas team I will meet my goals! I 10000% recommend Liza and her team of dedicated coaches. I have never felt so good, so motivated and so happy!”

– Nay Rodriguez

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