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I’ve been there, breathing quietly on walks so people don’t think you're out of breath.

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I lost 130 pounds in 13 months because I committed to my day one. I’m here to help you do the same.

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Meal Plans

Say goodbye to restrictive dieting with personalized meal plans that make nutritional adjustments simple and delicious.

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Flexible workout plans tailored to your lifestyle, designed to help you achieve sustainable goals.

Progress Tracking

Integrated tracking in app to highlight progress and celebrate non-scale victories.

Regular Check-ins

In-app support chat with your coach and regular check-ins to keep you committed to yourself and your goals.

Mindfulness & Habit Building

Foundational habits to make the rest of the goals more sustainable.


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About Me

I tried everything.

I know it sounds cliche, but there was a time when I felt like I had tried EVERYTHING to lose weight. For most of my life, I hid beneath baggy t-shirts, trapping my body and my confidence. I was desperate to feel normal.When the 2020 lockdown happened, I decided it was time to make an ACTUAL change. I dedicated that time to making small lifestyle adjustments to better myself. I never focused on setting a weight loss goal, I just wanted to be healthy and feel good in my body. I lost 130 pounds in 13 months. When I started my journey, I was on my own. I had no guidance and no support. I share my journey and the knowledge I’ve gained to inspire others to start living happier, healthier lives. Our goal at Liza Marie Fit is to help women build confidence and create healthy, sustainable habits that actually last!

“I never focused on setting a weight loss goal, I just wanted to be healthy and feel good in my body.”

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The Liza Marie Team is composed of 12 accomplished trainers. Each member was selected for their diverse backgrounds and experience in the health and wellness industry. With perspectives ranging from weight loss to strength building to pre-natal and more, we are equipped to help as many women as possible to achieve their goals and change their lives.

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